We at One Thirty Five are always on the lookout for good and reliable digital tools that are truly affordable for all artists and designers. Both professional and amateur.


Bosto interactive pen display fits nicely into this category.


The Bosto family of interactive pen displays offer the natural feel and intuitive hand-eye coordination of working directly on the display surface with a unique passive wireless pressure sensitive pen.Together with your favourite creative software the

Bosto pen display replicates the experience of working in traditional mediums such as drawing, painting, sculpting and photographic retouching.

Infinite Creativity Affordable Devices

13HD v3

SGD 610*

The new ultralight and ultra-thin portable Bosto BST‑13HD pen display tablet features a neat 2-in-1 cable with the latest reversible USB Type-C and HDMI Type-C connections to your computer without needing another external power supply. Now it's faster, more stable, more accurate and more efficient.


It also comes with 8 easy configurable shortcut keys on the side.



Bosto 22" full HD IPS pen display with express key


SGD 1250*

This tablet has an H-IPS screen with fullHD resolution. The pen of 22HDX does not need to be charged and on its top  there is a digital eraser. The pen also has  a side button for quick access to function.


You can easily configure keys on the Bosto 22HDX. Two sides, which are situated around the wheel. Change the wheel mode to change the function to brush size or zooming in and out. The full set of 20 buttons and 2 wheels are configurable.



22HD Mini

Bosto 22" Full HD IPS pen display

22HD mini is an improved version of 22U mini. This tablet has an H-IPS screen with full HD resolution and 178° viewing angle. This model has a battery-free pen and the eraser at the top of the pen which allow correction to be made easily. It has the same specification as 22HDX minus the express key.


22HD mini offers you the new level of ergonomics on your work space and the natural comfort of drawing over the big IPS screen.




SGD 1100*

Bosto 14" Full HD IPS pen display


The smallest model in graphic tablets line, released at the end of 2012 and updated in 2015. The new 14WA+ now comes equipped with a Full HD  H-IPS display (1920 X 1080). The smaller dimensions of this tablet makes it very mobile.  It is ideal to be used as a second monitor . It is also the best choice for both amateurs and professionals who has space constraint and wants the added convenient of a mobile tablet.




SGD 780*

*prices subject to change without prior notice and does not include GST


Bosto battery less stylus pen with digital eraser function on the tip
Bosto's battery less stylus pen

Digital eraser

2048 levels of pressure sensitivity

Right mouse click

Comfortable rubber grip

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